The cinema release of PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System continues to roll out across Australia via our Cinema on Demand distributors Fan-Force (https://fan-force.com/films/pgs) – and in the US through our Theatrical on Demand distributors Gathr Films (https://gathr.us/films/pgs-intuition). Soon the film will be having cinema releases in New Zealand (May / June) and in the UK (July / August). The film won’t be available online or DVD until mid to late September.


Mid year Bill Bennett will be releasing his book of the film PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System. Later in the year, he’ll release Journal of a Journey – The making of an intuitive movie. This is his diary notes of the making of the film, spanning more than a decade.

In Casting

IN CASTING are two feature films. Defiant is based on a true story set in India. Two young lovers, one the daughter of a rich man, the other a village boy, decide to elope and marry in secret, against their parents wishes. Both families organise a joint hunting party to track them down and kill them – a so-called “honour” killing. A female journalist from Australia, based in Delhi, hears of the couple’s plight and sets out to report on their story. She becomes emotionally involved though and tries to save them, at the risk of her own life. A taut, heart-pounding thriller to be shot throughout Northern India, Defiant at its heart is a classic Romeo and Juliet love story.

IN CASTING is also BUEN CAMINO, an ensemble feature film in the vein of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, but set on the Camino, in Spain. The Camino is an 800km / 500 mile pilgrimage walk across Northern Spain, from the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela, near the far West Coast. The film follows several characters from various parts of the world who, for their own particular reasons, decide to walk the Camino. They meet up at the start and then throughout the walk their paths criss cross. Each goes through their own personal catharsis and transformation during the walk – and they each affect change on the others. Light in tone but exploring deeply emotional themes, Buen Camino is a cast driven film to be shot on the actual Camino. (Writer / Director / Producer Bill Bennett has walked four Caminos, and the film is loosely based on his Camino Memoir – The Way, My Way.)

IN DEVELOPMENT are the next two films in the PGS Trilogy, the next being: PGS / Reincarnation, and the third being: PGS / Ascension.